WILDLIFE – Bats, Birds and Bald Eagles

This part of the site dwells on the plight of Somerset County’s wildlife.  Those birds and bats that will be heading towards oblivion if caution is thrown to the wind… literally!  Click on the titles below to take you there so you can see this for yourself.

Bats:  Our Free Insecticide

We also have the same issue with out bats that provide the farmers with free elimination of insects that otherwise would devour their crops, and attack the detested mosquitos like they were a dessert course.  With the killing of these bats by the spinning blades of the Godzilla-sized turbines, the cost for pesticides will rise dramatically for the farmer, and the fees paid to our county mosquito control department will also rise to pay for additional sprayings per season. Find out the facts.

Birds and Bald Eagles – Our County’s Proud Heritage

With the coming of the Government’s 30-year Take Permit in December 2013 for our previously endangered species, the Bald eagle, there is a certainty that wind developers will take full advantage of this law to allow our eagles t, o be LEGALLY murdered to the tune of 20 a year, at least 20 that they will admit to killing.  We will never know the true count of this atrocity.  Our migratory birds are an essential part of the Eastern Shore’s everyday life.  Moving through the Atlantic Flyway,  will also be drastically threatened and we will see their numbers fall as long as the turbines are spinning.

Here you will see articles from bird advocacy groups, residents of other states, government officials, etc. that will attempt to tell the tale of their points of view.  Also you will see videos of this legal taking of our eagles in process along with other migratory birds that don’t count… a grisly game that our eagles can’t win.