Maps And Charts of Somerset County, MD

MapsHere you will find all the maps and charts associated with Somerset County, MD

NEW  Wind Turbine Siting Map – Named HOST Landowner Locations (PDF File)

This map displays not only the siting locations of the turbines, it displays the NAMES and PARCELS of the Landowners who will be paid each year for 35 years for allowing these  giants to be erected on THEIR property!  In particular, the STUCKEY property will be the first turbine to be erected.  NOTE:  The one parcel marked “UNKNOWN” belongs to ROY RING.

Due to the Navy’s severe objection to this project because of the  height of these turbines, Pioneer Green has decided to get their foot in the door by changing the height of this first turbine to a total of 473 feet, which is one foot shorter than the MAXIMUM height determined by the NAVY in the December 2014 Report to Congress.

They have now made application to the FAA for this latest turbine and state that construction will begin in June of 2015.

Great Bay Wind FAA Siting Location Map Phase I ( PDF File )

This is the siting map for the proposed 599 ft industrial turbines to be constructed in Somerset County by PIONEER GREEN that was given to the FAA.  This file has an aerial view map as well as the siting map itself.  It displays very clearly where these 600-700 ft giants will be constructed.

NEW    Maps 13, 14, 20 & 21 with Corresponding Map Coordinates (PDF file)

Somerset County MapBook Maps  Numbered 13, 14, 20 and 21 and their coordinates, which correspond to the Great Bay Wind FAA Site Map shown above, are shown here so you can easily locate your home’s location in relation to the turbine’s proposed location.

Somerset County MD MapBook

This set of maps can help you locate places in Somerset County.  To change the zoom on the maps, you just click on the indexes or maps to make them larger or smaller.  The book is made of image files and text so it is not searchable, but you can get a zoom we will be glad to send it to you.


This chart shows all the areas in the county and what size turbines could be placed within certain areas.  Because of the need for the ADAMS radar system to have Line-of-Sight for their radar, the height of turbines go from a maximum height of 50 ft to 600 ft, depending on what sections of the county are within each specified contour area.

Somerset County Zoning Districts Map ( PDF File )

This map displays the all the various zoning types and their locations in the county.

Somerset County Commissioner Districts Map ( PDF File )

This map displays all the five  zoning districts, their locations in the county and the commissioners who are serving those districts.

Maryland Wind Resource Map  with Classification Key ( PDF File )

This chart shows MD including the Eastern Shore to show what type of wind is available in our area… all WHITE areas are POOR.  Take a look and you will shake your head and wonder what is giving them the incentive to put those turbines here.

Bald Eagle Nest Locations in MD from 1977 through 2003 ( PDF File )

This map displays RED dots for every area in MD where there were found Bald Eagle nests.  Again, why are they locating those giant turbines here that are taller than the Washington Monument in DC?  Look at this map!!!  It’s unbelievable that any county commissioner would allow our eagles to be killed by these turbines to the tune of 20 eagles a year, and that’s the ones they “find” ….. can you really believe that these spinning chain saws will only kill less than one bald eagle a year per 600 ft turbine?  And they will be killing them LEGALLY with what the Government calls a “Take Permit”.  This permit is good for THIRTY YEARS!!  Sure, the have to have it monitored every five years, but what happens when they start killing 100 a year,,, do they FINE the developer?  What does that do for our eagles??

Count of Eagle Pairs in the Lower 48 – June 2007

This map depicts the density of mating pairs throughout the lower US.  Unfortunately we only have a picture and not the accompanying program that would give other additional information.  But even with only those counts, you can see how Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland and Florida are very densely populated.  With the coming of the turbines and the Bald eagles taken from the endangered list in 2007, we will be fighting a losing battle to keep our status quo in Md.