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Somerset County Residents:

The wind developer known as Pioneer Green has been planning with our county officials and large land tract owners to construct industrial wind turbines 600-700 foot tall (that’s 60 to 70 stories!) only 1,000 feet from homes throughout the Agricultural/Residential Zone in our county. The noise from each turbine can travel for more than a mile. Property values will drop up to 40%. The wind developer says that electric bills do not decrease,  property values will increase, and that many health problems supposedly due to wind turbines are non-existent  ….    this is blatantly untrue. 

See for yourself what our lives will be like if industrial wind turbines are allowed in our communities. Get the facts from homeowners who live it every day! You don’t have to take our word for it, click on one of the many non-profit websites such as,, (search on industrial wind turbines noise infrasound flicker wind turbine syndrome ) just to name a few, and we now have our own website ( )  Be sure to watch some of the shadow flicker videos. Find out what setback distance is considered safe. These sites show the impact to people living in close proximity to these turbines, just like we will be if this proposed wind ordinance is passed virtually unchanged! So far, the landowners with lease agreements and the wind developer have been heard. Now it’s our turn.

The proposed projects of Phase I and II for Somerset County are huge; at least 60-100 industrial wind turbines. Nine thousand five hundred acres and counting. The projects are slated from Charles Cannon Rd. to Revels Neck Rd. and from Whittington Rd. to Shelltown. It includes the central regions such as Charles Barnes Rd. and Turkey Branch Rd. too. Westover and Marion Station are both in peril!  

This matter is urgent. The industrial wind developer Pioneer Green has a 3-year jump on us. Once the industrial wind turbines are installed, there is no turning back. The initial vote in 2012 was delayed and has yet to be rescheduled. The revised ordinance is due to be handed back to the County Commissioners by Oct 28, 2014. Stay informed. Come to the meetings. This would re-define what our county has always stood for: from relaxed and abundant with nature to a noisy industrialized area.

In the meantime, the Commissioners have requested opponents to the industrial wind turbine ordinance state their concerns. This can be done through phone calls, letters, e-mails, hand delivery and faxes. Your name and address must be included. Their address, phone and fax is:

Somerset Co. Commissioners, 11916 Somerset Ave, Rm 111, Princess Anne, MD 1853

PHONE: (410) 651-0320    FAX     : (410) 651-0366    E-MAIL:

This matter will impact us more than anyone else. WHY such a secret? Has anyone asked your opinion?    E-mail us at if you want to help in any way or to become a member; or join us on the new website at to sign our petition and read all the current news articles. We could also e-mail you the petition to sign and return to us by mail at Safe For Somerset, P.O. Box 62, Marion, MD 21838.   If you need any additional information or would like a Safe For Somerset  DEFEND YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS sign to place in your yard, please call E.J. Monheiser at 410-623-2327 and we can even deliver it to you.


Make sure that you, your family, your friends and your neighbors are heard!!   Let the legislators know we want them to read and heed all of our letters, e-mails, faxes, and petitions. We want our concerns about safety and health, as well as wildlife kills and property values reviewed and not swept under the rug. If we stand together  we can do this!

SAFE FOR SOMERSET,   the Spirit of Somerset County