SOLAR ENERGY – This is what is REPLACING our WIND TURBINE Threat..

Below you will find documents that will give you information on the SOLAR issues that are being presented to our Commissioners in lieu of the industrial turbines.

Please check this area frequently to see any new changes.  We now need to become aware of the pros and cons of these huge industrial power plants to be sure that responsible sitings are found,  decommissioning procedures are put in place to protect our water  aquifer, and “dirty electricity” is not allowed in these systems and brown fields, industrial/commercial areas, and environmentally unsafe land is used for the solar systems and not prime crop-growing farmland if at all possible.  Also, creative screening procedures and height maximums must be considered since our county is geared toward its views and tourism, and stringent setbacks must be used if any of these plants would be situated in AR zones near homes so residential areas are not turned into industrial parks.

Legal Documents and Reports for SOLAR and WIND

June 23, 2015 – County Roads Minutes concerning the Easement Agreement
These minutes prove that the County Attorney who was not to give any advice to the county commissioners concerning anything to do with industrial wind turbines in the county advised the president of the county commissioners to sign the Easement Agreement ie, “it has been reviewed by Mr. Simpkins who recommended the County execute the easement”, even though the easement included a statement concerning the inclusion of industrial wind turbines.

June 29, 2015 -Easement Agreement – Great Bay Solar I & Somerset County 
This Agreement was prepared by Great Bay Solar and given to the County Commissioners for signatures approving their use of the County’s right of way areas for construction of electric transmission facilities for use with upcoming solar projects.

August 8, 2015 – Synopsis of 6/29/15 Easement Agreement by E. J. Monheiser
This synopsis will help you better understand some of the complexities of the Agreement

August 11, 2015 – FAA Determination of 473′ Great Bay Wind Turbine I – Stuckey property
This is the first industrial turbine applied for after the letter from the Navy refusing the twenty-nine 599′ industrial turbines that were interfering with PAX River radar.  The Stuckey property is the “foot in the door” for the next iteration of Pioneer Green’s turbine project.  This time, we will not have the Navy to keep them at bay.    Once the electrical portion of the Solar project is installed, it will be a short way to go to install the lines for a new group of industrial turbines that can literally “get under the wire” because of their re-adjusted heights.  We are keeping vigilant pertaining to any additional turbines applied for through the FAA.