MAINE: VOICES of Vinalhaven & Vinalhaven: Living in the SHADOWS



Uploaded on Dec 21, 2009  On December 19, WERU 89.9 FM radio conducted a lengthy interview with residents living near the Fox Island Wind Farm located in Vinalhaven, an island community about 12 miles off the coast of Maine.

The wind facility, consisting of three GE 1.5 MW wind turbines, was commissioned on November 17, 2009. This video (part 2 of 2) was compiled using excerpts of the interview. Those speaking are describing their experience of living with turbine noise. The images appearing in this video are not from Vinalhaven, however, they are actual photos of other locations in North America where towers were sited very close to homes.

Voices of Vinalhaven, ME – Part 1 of 2

Voices of Vinalhaven, ME – Part 2 of 2


Business: The Fight Over Wind Power – Vinalhaven ME


Windmill Noise-Vinalhaven, ME

 TOO Close: Vinalhaven Stories from Those Who Live in the SHADOWS