TV News Clips on VICTIMS of Wind Farms

NEWS-00-Australian Public Health – Its Time To Act

NEWS-01-Wind Turbines and Public Health (Part 1)


 NEWS-02-Wind Turbines and Public Health (Part 2)


NEWS-03-Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick?


NEWS-04-WIND TURBINES-Second Thoughts…


NEWS-05-Fergus-Belwood Ontario Windfarm Protest Oct 2010


NEWS-06-Wind Turbine Health Concerns Spark Protests


NEWS-07-Wind Turbines and Health Problems

NEWS-08-Wind Farm Illness:  Waubra Disease

Uploaded on Feb 21, 2010

It’s the biggest wind farm operating in Victoria and it’s putting the tiny town of Waubra on the map in ways the locals never predicted. It’s been dubbed the ‘Waubra Disease’, the health effects of living surrounded by wind turbines and it’s now becoming known around the world.

As the State Government approves more wind farms, there are growing demands for serious investigation and for standards to be reviewed. Cheryl Hall reports. See more at ABC News Stateline Victoria and


NEWS-09-Wind Turbine Syndrome News Report

NEWS-10- Industrial Wind Turbines: NIMBY=Not In My Back Yard  OR Next It Might Be You!