Other Videos-Meetings, Questions, and Misc Information

This Section will have other states and other counties’  county council or county commissioners meetings, presentations , or other information in video format.

Should the wind siting council ignore first hand experience?      They’re doing it. Byron, WI

Uploaded on Jul 27, 2010   Wind siting council member Larry Wunsch is a fire fighter who lays his life down on the line for the public as part of his job. He has also been living with a 400 foot tall wind turbine sited just 1100 feet from his door. The noise is so bad the and his wife have put their home up for sale.  Larry Wunsch’s home near the town of Byron, in Fond du Lac County.

Should the wind siting council consider what he has to say when they are making the siting recommendations for our state? Or should they follow Dan Ebert’s lead and create the same siting guidelines that have caused so much trouble for the Wunsch family. Sorry to say, it’s not a surprise ending. When it comes to the wind siting council, money seems to be the only thing that matters.


Wind Lobbyist asked to back up claims about community acceptance WSC 7/19/10 Byron,WI

Uploaded on Jul 20, 2010  Wisconsin Wind Siting Council Meeting, July 19th, 2010: Council member and wind lobbyist Michael Vickerman claims that community acceptance of wind projects is higher when there are fewer turbines.

Council member and UW Professor Emeritus, Dr. Doug Zweizig asks Vickerman for support for his claims and and in the discussion it is revealed that the turbines in the projects cited by Vickerman are much smaller than the 400 to 500 foot turbines now being proposed. Vickerman then claims the size of the turbines doesn’t matter.


Where did 50 dbA come from? Byron, WI

Uploaded on Jul 20, 2010   Where did the 50dbA noise standard come from? Wind Siting Council member and wind lobbyist, Michael Vickerman explains that it allows wind developers to site turbines closer to homes.


Is safety a relative term when siting industrial wind turbines?              WSC July 19, 2010 Byron, WI

Uploaded on Jul 20, 2010  MEETING HELD ON JULY 19th, 2010.   Wisconsin Wind Siting Council members discuss the necessity of a safety setback from large wind turbines. Two members of groups that lobby on behalf of wind development believe “safety” is a relative term. They say they don’t believe safety is an issue when it comes to siting turbines, instead of ‘Safety setback” the term “Courtesy setback” should be used.


How much Louder is an additional 25 decibels of wind turbine noise? Byron,  WI

Uploaded on Jul 21, 2010  In this clip council members respond to being asked about their recommended increase of 25 decibels and what impact it would have on rural communities.