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Proposed wind turbine

Proposed wind turbine adjacent to the Great Hope Clubhouse on Crisfield Hwy

A wind ordinance proposed by our County Commissioners will put into effect an unsafe 1,000 foot setback between the foundation of our residences and these giant industrial turbines. This mandated distance is insufficient to protect the county’s residents from physical and mental harm due to the closeness of these turbines to our homes.

This website will provide answers to your questions about why we have grave concerns about this proposed legislation. Become involved! Sign our petition NOW to stop this insanity.  Join SAFE FOR SOMERSET to help fight this legislation. We must stop the destruction of our tranquil way of life in Somerset County.  

ALERT!!!   County Commissioners WORK SESSION Meeting – JULY 7, 2015 at 2 pm at 11916 Somerset Ave, Rm 111, Princess Anne.  The Ethics Commission will be presenting the changes it has proposed to the Ethics Ordinance to the County Commissioners.  You will not be allowed to speak, but please be there to show your support.  All SFS Members were sent an e-mail.  THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!!

Please read our BREAKING NEWS area with the Crisfield County Times article 7/1/15 by Richard Crumbacker … See you at the meeting!!

New FINANCAL DISCLOSURE STMTS for County Commissioners are now available at their office.  Please call to request your copies.  Cost to VIEW them at office is nothing, otherwise it’s 25 cents per page for a copy.

The THIRD DRAFT of WIND ORDINANCE dated 10-15-14 and REVISED SETBACKS dated 10-28-14 of wind ordinance prepared by Planning and Zoning  is on the MENU above.  P & Z approved version never released…… EJM as of 3-25-2015

Next Somerset County Commissioners Meeting is:  Tues 2pm … June 2nd – Previous Minutes available under SOMERSET COUNTY MD menu choice.  ALERT!  See BREAKING NEWS for new Ethics Commission information.   05-20-2015  EJM

The BREAKING NEWS area will have the latest item of information on the wind ordinance.   Otherwise, check the SFS NEWS and SFS Speaks Out sections for other articles and Somerset County Legal for Ethics letters, etc..

This website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION but our PETITION is available now to be signed.

HEALTH data and videos are now in progress… PLEASE VIEW the SHADOW FLICKER video clips and the VICTIMS video clips under the menu option HEALTH.  Our County Maps and Charts are now available on the Menu under SOMERSET COUNTY, and all the NAMES of LANDHOLDERS who have LEASES with PIONEER GREEN are on the main menu.

Other items are being added for your use as soon as possible. Please keep coming back to see how we’re doing! .   

To join SAFE FOR SOMERSET, contact us with your name, phone and e-mail address and you will be placed on our e-mail ALERTs for any upcoming information concerning this legislation.

Here you will find out about the negative effects of living in a “wind farm”. You will learn about things such as the strobe-like effect called shadow flicker; noise that sounds like anything from a jet engine to a swoosh-swoosh sound; and a special type of noise known as infrasound which can give you headaches, insomnia, nausea, ringing in the ears and dizziness.

You will also learn about the effects on property values… up to a 40% loss. Accidents such as explosions, fire, lightning strikes, blade defragmenting and something known as ice throw. You will find out what a Fish and Wildlife “Take” Permit is, and how it will be used to LEGALLY allow our Bald Eagles to be savagely killed by the spinning blades of the turbines.

Finally you will hear and see other residents of other states, in other counties, that actually live within these “wind farms.” You will hear their stories and see what living so close to these turbines has done to their families, friends and neighbors.

All of this information will make you wonder why our legislators would force us to live in an industrial park setting with these harmful effects produced by these “wind energy conversion systems” AKA Godzilla-sized industrial wind turbines.